Monday, July 23, 2012

My Lovely Tree My Poor Tree

You may often amazed when you see something that we usually see, for example, saw a very high building, beautiful painting, beautiful lakes, or other things like neighborhood with big trees and shady sides of the road.

Why did it happen, maybe yes it was, because we do not usually see it, but it is not impossible that the opposite happened, that is as happy to see or observe anything that causes us to admire.

Trees are classified as perennials usually takes longer to reach a large diameter rod. Sometimes can reach ages of up to tens or even hundreds of years. But some times when the trees are already large enough to have these rods will have to move because of certain interests.

Making fencing or fence elevation is one of the things that can cause it to happen. The designer is usually less or lazy to pay attention to detail like this, as well as managing the construction work in the field who usually prefer that the work can be done without a hitch. Lazy challenge is one of the other causes.

Cut or injure a tree is the easiest way when faced with such challenges. Awareness needs to be invested and exemplified early on that such things can be further reduced.

Some of the architects in designing have to do this by providing solutions to good design. One example is what is done by the architect Popo Danes in one of his works, the Natura Resort and Spa in Ubud, Bali. The architects put the building in his design on the land that are not perennials and provide solutions by incorporating existing trees as one element of the design. He gave out a good design. And in the implementation phase of construction is also avoided as much as possible the destruction of the plant.

It also became one of the elements that led to why this work deserves the IAI Award in 2002, Indonesia Construction Work Award in 2003, and as the first work of Indonesia by winning the ASEAN Energy Awards in 2004. Although the element to insert it in the creation was not easy, but a model like this is necessary for us and future generations.

Remember, nature will take care of us when we were keeping ...

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Museum Bahari in Jakarta

Museum Bahari (Maritime Museum) is located in Kampung Luar Batang, Sunda Kelapa area or rather in the Pasar Ikan street No.1, Jakarta. The museum was formerly functioned for spice storage warehouse that consists of several buildings, was built around 1700's or early 18 th century.

Calculate the age of the building that had 300's, this year looks very reasonable when the museum building is now no longer in prime condition.
Wall paint peeling everywhere, wood construction has eaten a lot of very porous, which has been replaced roofing tiles looked not straight anymore.

Many other things which also affect the condition of the building is increasingly backward. Climate change is one factor that influence the building materials which have reached hundreds of years. Sea surface conditions that continue to rise and land continues to fall slowly, not to mention the added weight of vehicles passing in the area gave rise to vibrations that affect the building and the environment as a whole.

Caring for the old building would require no small cost, let alone buildings in ancient times had nearly the average high and large shapes like the ones in this museum complex, which means having the floor, ceiling, and walls with a very wide surface so that lead to high maintenance costs.

The wood for the construction of buildings that range in size from 30 to 50 cm still a lot and can we meet there, though looks are also a lot of the wood that has been eaten by termites or any loss to be deducted because of rotting.

Maintaining old buildings because the value of history requires no small cost. Historical value is certainly not to show that this nation never colonized by a very long time, nor to make us feel inferior because it never colonized, but it rather should be used as a warning and a whip to get up and stay united so that previous mistakes of our ancestors scattered selfish group or yourself so easily colonized not recur.

Other historical value that can be taken one of them is the history of architecture - buildings, neighborhoods, and cities - as we are learning in laying out the next. Architecture always run concurrently with the civilization, the architecture allows us to easily recognize the civilization of a nation.

We can also learn where the good of all that has been implemented.
From the shape of the building or environment that is simple to become a city like Jakarta chaos, of course, can be packed so that we do not repeat the same mistakes.

As a tourism asset, with no change in its original form, function areas and old buildings can be changed if necessary, in order to have value-added and still works.

The added value that does not mean he should be able to support herself let alone the region.
As the building or the area he may not have the potential to feed itself, but if included in the urban scale has the potential to feed him instead of his city. The reason he still must be lived by the cities and even countries as a whole because the value of incoming foreign exchange resulting from the visits of tourists who go to a city or country is very large, this is the meaning of mutual aid.

Therefore the state and city managers in Indonesia should begin to think intelligently to manage tourism, ranging from tourism to preserve objects arrange tourist trips when traveling.

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